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    The collecting of Antique furniture restoration and creation of interiors with use of subjects of olden time today become more and more fashionable employment(occupations). It is quite natural, that our collectors are involved with furniture created by Russian masters, 6, introduced with them in subjects made on western samples, a little who leaves indifferent. style on architecture, furniture, elements of an interior and clothes came to Russia from West and already here underwent changes Styles, in Europe, easily got accustomed and at us.
    Russian masters precisely watched(kept up) western tendencies - on their works it is possible to notice, how one style was replaced by another.
    At end of XVII century, with arrival to Authority emperor Peter Alekseevicha, primordially Russian wooden furniture with a thin patten groove has gradually conceded place in rich and notable houses of furniture brought from France, England or Holland. But dynamical The balance between creations of European and Russian masters was kept long years.
    in Moscow and St. Petersburg furniture workshops, and later and factories made furniture on European samples and curves, on quality not to western analogues. And various trivialities with which supplemented subjects, frequently did(made) works of our masters even more interesting.
    Having visited Moscow before a fire in 1812, Stendal with admiration described drawing rooms, With taste arranged with fine samples of English furniture. Drawing rooms and in truth were magnificent, only furniture in them was basically Russian.

    Features accessory Antique furniture restoration Congo

    Features accessory Antique furniture restoration . Furniture traditions in Russia developed in a channel of main European directions of art. Therefore set of brought subjects and often repetitions English and - samples complicate for today accessory furniture of Russian masters XVII - XIX centuries.
    In most cases at purchase of Antique furniture restoration art criticism examination is required to make which street is possible, for example, in Museum decoratively an applied art in Moscow. Delegatskaya.
    Features of forms and elements of furnish antiquarian furniture allow to define(determine) time Creations of this or that subject. So, pretentiousness and refinement of groove, bent legs of sofas and chairs of epoch of a baroque contrast with simplicity of lines peculiar to a classicism...
    Place of manufacturing of Antique furniture restoration to establish much more difficultly. Antiquarian products may have brands of authors or factories, but it faster a rarity. Therefore for accessory antiquarian furnitere minor attributes are important. Features characteristic for this or that style in certain country, sometimes simply are not visible at first sight.
    we shall Tell, Russian Antique furniture restoration of XVII century in style of a baroque or a rococo has more simple forms and furnish in comparison with similar samples from Holland or France.
    information on a material of which subject of an interior is made will help With definition of a place of manufacturing of Antique furniture restoration. In Russia then popular breeds of a tree were- Oak, nut, mahogany and birch. But furniture in style from mahogany with bronze overlays in Russia never did(made), despite of admiration Russian beauty of mahogany. And with a birch Russian masters worked only. golden pattern of its(her) wood has subdued Russian , and in beginning of XIX century huge quantity(amount) as separate subjects, and whole set Antique furniture restoration from birches was created.

    Antique furniture restoration Congo

    Antique furniture restoration. Wood antiquary furniture. Primordially Russian wooden furniture

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